The PageantFile started with self reflection. As I competed my way across New York, I learned a lot about what it means to be a local titleholder. I grew as a person, and watched others do the same. The goal is to become Miss America, but what about those who don’t reach that goal? What about those of us who never earn a local crown? We’re those pursuits nulled by the lack of

And so I realized, this organization is more than a crown. It is a community. There is nearly 100 years of legacy lost beneath a single queen just waiting to shine. And it starts with you.

The PageantFile is not a coaching service. We can’t help you earn that crown. But we can give you the resources to help yourself, and potentially join the extensive legacy of women who have served on local, state, and local. levels

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Local contestants are the heart of Miss America. Every girl is making a difference in the community, and The Pageant File is there to shine the spotlight.


The PageantFile knows that Miss America herself cannot be in every community making a difference, and relies on the local titleholders to spread the mission of the Four Points. The PageantFile will not only highlight current titleholders in their pursuit to the state crown and beyond, but record history as the largest online chronicle of NY local pageant history.

The PageantFile is an independent pageant resource not affiliated with Miss New York or Miss America, or any other pageant organization.

Local Legacies


Service – Style – Success – Scholarship

When a young woman is crowned a local title, she joins an extensive sisterhood of women through the years, each who have made an impressive impact on the community and the state. From the moment she is crowned she becomes a member of a local legacy that can never be replaced, and should never be forgotten. Although many titles have come and gone, others have either stayed strong through the years or been revived recently. When a title is revived, the fabulous young women who once held the title may not have their impact carried forward, but they are still important members of the local legacy.

Take a blast into the past, and browse the extensive legacies within each local title.

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Thank you for visiting the PageantFile. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know. If you are a titleholder for another state, but either live in or attend school in NY, please also let us know. We look forward to making posts what you want to read!

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