The PageantFile follows local contestants in her journey to become Miss New York and then Miss America, right in her own community. The PageantFile is jam packed with tips and tricks to get jazzy before competing, contestant profiles, and full detail production reviews from the audience view.  The team of pageant enthusiasts dedicate time to highlight each titleholder, provide exclusive interviews, explore state queens from sister systems and work extensively to preserve the local legacies and state legacy. Plus, if you just want to read about current pageant events, predictions, and miscellaneous pageant related topics- glitter water is sure to shake things up.

| the Empire State: ever upward in pageantry |

Local contestants are the heart of Miss America. Local titleholders are the backbone. There is only one Miss New York, and only one Miss America. Every girl is making a difference in the community, and The Pageant File is there to shine the spotlight.