NY 2015 Sweeper Weekend


Saturday Contestants PC: Jillian Tapper
Saturday Contestants PC: Jillian Tapper

Jamie Hughes (Miss Liberty 2014),  Ashley Davis, Brianna Streeter,  Miranda Jaworski, Amanda Rae Davis, Dana Telese, Michaela Kenny, Kelly Hoffman, Kendal Collins, Nina Zesky (Miss Salt City 2014), Jessica Brosofsky, Cassie Paradise, Allison DeLuca, Hillary Anne Peckham, Meghan Sinisi, Kate Biernat, Yolanda Mackey, Miranda Jaworski, Michelle Pierrot, Jamie Lynn Macchia (Miss Staten Island 2012/2014, Miss Greater NY 2013)


Miss Congeniality: Meghan Sinisi

1st Runner Up: Jessica Brosofsky (Saturday), Kendal Collins (Sunday)

2nd Runner Up: Cassie Paradise (Saturday), Amanda Rae Davis (Sunday)

Miss Heart of New York: Nina Zesky

Miss Liberty: Meghan Sinisi

Miss Crown City: Jamie Hughes

Miss Onondaga County: Jessica Brosofsky

Miss Greater New York: Jamie Lynn Macchia

Miss Five Boroughs: Ashley Davis


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