We Love New York! Mallory Hagan: Your New Miss America

It seems like just yesterday I risked my life to make the journey to Staten Island to watch Miss New York be crowned. For two years in a row, Mallory Hagan was first runner up. But last year, she broke free of the rut, and won. I watched and I cheered, and I crossed my fingers that she’d do well at Miss America. (You can catch up on this magical crowning moment, here.)

Mallory, although originally from Alabama, won her Miss Mew York title as Miss New York City. She  is officially the third Miss America to come from New York, although actually the fourth. In 1945, Bess Myerson was the first Jewish contestant to win Miss America, and was also the first Miss New York to win. Many years later, in 1976, Tawny Elaine Godin took the Miss America crown. In 1984 Vanessa Williams was the first black Miss America, and was also from New York. Unfortunately, due to some controversy from her past, she resigned. This was disappointing not only for obvious reasons, but also because she was from Watertown, and not from the City.

This is a big year for New York. Two years ago, Claire Buffie rocked the stage and made Top 15 as America’s Choice. Last year, Kaitlin Monte was 2nd runner up. It only makes sense that New York gained momentum and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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Crowning Moment
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But now the question is, Who will be the new Miss New York?

Katie Berry, Miss Manhattan has one year left. My prediction is that she will decline, so that she can compete again and potentially win and therefore compete at the Miss America stage. Second runner up was Miss Greater Rochester, Nina Davuluri. I asked her if she will take the title, and she said no. Third Runner up is Maria DeSantis, Miss Brooklyn. She had gone on to win America’s Sweetheart after the Miss New York pageant. If she declines, next in line would be Miss Niagara, Desiree Wiley. It’s all very exciting. Who will it be?


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