Miss NY 2016 Preliminaries- Night 2

On-Stage Question:

The On-Stage Question portion of the Preliminary Competition was based on the girls’ platform. The questions were very balanced and gave the girls an opportunity to shine with a topic they should be very familiar with. Each question was prefaced with, “Your platform is…” to give the audience a quick refresher without flipping through their beautifully prepared program books. The wording below is paraphrased as a result of quick notes, but the subject matter is not altered.

  • Amanda Abdagic, Empire Rose: How do you get parents to accept and act on the fact that their child is a bully?
  • Allison Carlos, Finger Lakes: Some states have raised the age of “aging out” of foster care. Do you think this benefits or hinders foster children?
  • Jessica Brosofsky, Erie Canal: How can you inspire reading in youth when they’d rather be on their cell phones or play video games?
  • Willa Hahn, Metropolitan: Why do you feel there is a lack of interest in our generation to want to vote?
  • Kristina Blackstock, Thousand Islands: Do you think it should be a requirement to teach nutrition in schools, or responsibility at home?
  • Abbey Naumowicz, NYS Fair: Why do you feel high fashion magazines continue to photoshop their magazines when people are outraged by this?
  • Cassie Paradise, Richmond County: How can we mentor children without disabilities to respect children who appear different?
  • Khadijah King, Heart of NY: Do women lack confidence to break the glass ceiling?
  • Lauren Schwartzberg, Crown City: How can we help individuals with mental illness caused by a traumatic event that continues to haunt them?
  • Camille Sims, Pride of NY: Who is the target audience of your magazine “Hot Potato Press”?
  • Rose Bolella, Liberty: How can we make people more comfortable to address mental health challenges?
  • Lexi Swatt, Fulton County: Are there extracurricular activities to boost self confidence?
  • Ashley Davis, Copper City: How Do you instill patience in families who are dealing with Alzheimer’s for the first time?
  • Mackenzie Perpich, Manhattan: Do you feel patients with eating disorders should have insurance to cover treatment?
  • Nina Zesky, CNY: How can we protect the education of today’s youth without making children feel anxious in their school?


  • Willa Hahn (Metropolitan), Abbey Naumowicz (NYS Fair), Mackenzie Perpich (Manhattan)


The contestants wore royal blue swimsuits, sponsored by Kandice Pelletier- former Miss New York. The second night the Gold Group performed a production dance while the Blue Group modeled. Kristina Blackstock (Thousand Islands) was in the production number, but still stood out on the stage. Overall, there was very flat and limp hair, which was probably a result of the heat and humidity in the theater.

Standouts: Cedar Chambers (Niagara Frontier), Gabrielle Walter (Bluebird), Meghan Sinisi (Syracuse), Baylee Simpson (Buffalo)


  • Amanda Abdagic, Empire Rose: an original poem– a letter to her father who is not in her life. Goosebumps across the theater.
  • Allison Carlos, Finger Lakes: Tap dance to Bum Bum– same song and outfit as last year.
  • Jessica Brosofsky, Erie Canal: Vocal of That’s Life by Frank Sinatra– same song as last year.
  • Willa Hahn, Metropolitan: Classical vocal Light in the Piazza.
  • Kristina Blackstock, Thousand Islands: vocal performance to House of the Rising Sun. Very choreographed hand movements.
  • Abbey Naumowicz, NYS Fair: Vocal Performance to On My Own from Les Mis. Fun Fact: this is the song she sang at her very first local.
  • Cassie Paradise, Richmond County: a jazz dance to Fever. Her outfit was completely custom, and she rhinestoned it herself.
  • Khadijah King, Heart of New York:  a slam poetry piece about passion and purpose.
  • Lauren Schwartzberg, Crown City: a monologue based on true events; catching the person who abused her.
  • Camille Sims, Pride of New York: a vocal performance of Sway in both English and Spanish
  • Rose Bolella, Liberty: a character jazz dance to Snap Clap by Icona Pop
  • Lexi Swatt, Fulton County:  vocal performance of “Love in the Dark” by Adele.
  • Ashley Davis, Copper City:  a contemporary dance to Beyonce’s “Listen”
  • Mackenzie Perpich, Manhattan: vocal performance to a classic ballad
  • Nina Zesky, Central NY: a gymnastics routine to the 007 theme song, with her glasses on.


  • Amanda Abdagic (Empire Rose), Kristina Blackstock (Thousand Islands), Camille Sims (Pride of NY)

Evening Gown:

  • Ashley Thakur, Flower City: a bubblegum pink mermaid with a criss cross halter and rhinestoned high waist.
  • Abigail Hoag, Apple Festival: a blue gown with swirl mermaid tail and keyhole back. Possibly a Mac Duggal.
  • Meghan Cahill, Salt City: an off-shoulder emerald gown with tiered mermaid bottom
  • Olivia Martin, Greater NY: a taupe two piece gown gown; solid top and floral bottom with pockets that she won her local in.
  • Emily Drooby, Empire Star: a long sleeved red gown with silver cuffs and a very low swoop draped back
  • Alexandra Harvey-Sprague, Mohawk Valley: a nude gown with cap sleeves and a V back, covered in a lace overlay with stones
  • Cedar Chambers, Niagara Frontier: a beaded strapless mermaid gown with mesh tail inserts
  • Gabrielle Walter, Bluebird: a white jersey gown with a heavily beaded beaded top- criss-criss straps, deatailed beading, and criss-crossed back.
  • Lauren Crandall, Colonial: a pink and grey Ema Savahl gown with hand painted flowers and sheer legs
  • Shelley Jain, Upstate NY:  a simple red mermaid with thin straps and a curved V neckline
  • Meghan Sinisi, Syracuse: a white long sleeved jersey gown with beaded accents on her waists.
  • Baylee Simpson, Buffalo: an emerald gown with sequins over illusion mesh sleeves. Low back with gemstoned chain accent.
  • Jillian Larson, Excelsior: a pale pink spaghetti strap gown with sweetheart neckline and a simple beaded belt.
  • Heather Wolf, Staten Island: a blue jersey Jovani gown. Deep V neck, wide shoulders. Same dress different color as the popular gown last year.
  • Li Ling Rivera, Queens: a bright red gown with many ruffles on the backside, and a razorback zip up the spine.

Favorite Gowns:

  • Gabrielle, Baylee

Preliminary Awards:

Blue Group Talent:($250 Scholarship and 10k In-Kind) Camille Sims, Pride of NY

Gold Group Swimsuit: ($250 Scholarship) Baylee Simpson, Buffalo


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