Miss New Hampshire Class of 2023

Miss Auburn: Xanthi Russell (finalist)

Miss Bedford: Brooke Mills (Evening Wear Prelim) (Miss New Hampshire)

Miss Capitol Area: Megan Soucy (Talent Prelim/3rd RU)

Miss Exeter: Madison Hawkes

Miss Gate City: Emily Vadeburcoeur

Miss Goffstown: Mary Keleher

Miss Greater Derry: Brían Nguyen

Miss Greater Hookset: Lauren Brophy

Miss Greater Nashua: Rose McKeen

Miss Greater Plaistow: Sara Castizone

Miss Kingston: Audrey Getman

Miss Lake Sunapee Region: Anna Christine Sargent (Finalist)

Miss Lilac State: Kelsea Batchelder

Miss Londonderry: Hayley Peters (Finalist)

Miss Manchester: Kaelly Turgeon

Miss Merrimack: Reilly O’neil (4th RU)

Miss Nutfield: Dylan Nourse

Miss Portsmouth: Morgan Torre (Evening Wear Prelim/1st RU)

Miss Rockingham County: Emily Spencer (Talent Prelim/2nd RU)

Miss State Parks: Megan Elwell

Miss Sea Coast: Marena Beale (finalist)

Miss Strafford County: Olivia Fonseca

Miss Strathan: Karin Shea

Miss Tri County: Jillian Mars

Miss Winnipesaukee: Mackenzie Howe (finalist)

At Large: Lauren Fohlin


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