Who is Kira? Really?

Since winning Miss America, rumors and opinions have circulated, with hopes of tearing down our new national representative. However, Kira is a strong individual and does not let this cyber bullying get to her.

Overture is a 60-second video, where the person describes who they are and what they do. It is far more personal than a 140 character Twitter bio or Facebook profile picture, yet doesn’t require the audience to read a biography novel either.

As Miss City of New York, Kira is an advocate and a blogger, who wants to “empower people so that they can stand up for themselves. ”

Shortly after winning Miss New York, Kira made another Overture video, like Miss New Yorks of the past.

Overture videos are designed to inspire, and undoubtedly Kira will inspire the nation.

PS, want to see Nina’s video? Click here to learn about our 2014 Miss America.


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