Leading Ladies: How to Reign with a Purpose

You’re a titleholder, a role model, a community leader. You want to inspire others, and make a difference in the lives of those around you. If you want to be a productive titleholder, and make an impact during your reign, you need to embrace your role as a titleholder, and reign with a purpose.

A lot of being a titleholder is similar to being a politician. Before you compete you need to plan out your campaign. Instead of debates you have a private interview, but you still say something along the lines of “If I win I will…” Even though the judges don’t vote, per se, their scores are based on your actions and tracked on a ballot. Once you win you are expected to live up to the promises you made during the campaign trail. And when your term comes to an end, the community remembers you one was or another.

During your term reign, there are other similarities to a politician. You are expected to be active in the community while balancing your daily life, work on gaining support for various laws pertaining to your platform, rally the support of the community to stand behind endeavors. You always want to keep your supporters updated through strong social media. And most importantly, you reign with a purpose.

The best way to reign with a purpose is to lead by example.

  1. Be Present at Events. First and foremost, you need to be active. But showing up and flashing a shiny crown is not the ticket to a successful year. Your crown is not a way out of a traffic ticket. It’s not a fashion accessory. If you are at an event, make sure you are present. Don’t be a wallflower- actually engage. Do what you can to introduce yourself to people at the event, use your title, explain your platform.
  2. Be Relevant. You have to know and understand your audience. If you are speaking to a group of kids, get down to their level. Speak in terms they understand. Make it interactive. If you are speaking to a crowd, bring enthusiasm to get them excited about the topic. Most importantly, know what the audience is looking for- a speaker, a panelist, an activity guide, a supporter. Dress the part, act the part, and if you don’t know what they are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask.
  3. Be Responsible. Take responsibility for your actions. Point blank, it is important to lead the life of a role model when in the spotlight. You are an agent for the organization, and your actions should inspire others to follow suit. Sometimes this means giving up alcohol, even if you are over 21. Perhaps you need to admit when you make a mistake and double book an appearance. Understand your role at an event and keep yourself motivated to stay on task. You do not want to be constantly on your phone or chatting with a friend.
  4. Talk. A a public figure you are selling a brand. You are promoting your local title, you are promoting the state organization, you are promoting your personal platform, and you are promoting the organization, company, or event that is hosting you. Every event is an opportunity to meet new people, gain sponsors, further the program, and be invited to future events. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to every volunteer, and spend a few moments with various guests.
  5. Listen. Take the time to listen to the people. What questions do they have? What are their goals and plans for the event? Even if you have an agenda it is important to actively listen first, then give your thoughts after. Make sure you understand what the person is saying, repeat it back if necessary, and ask followup questions. You never know who you might meet, and what they have to say.



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