Miss Syracuse Triple Crown 2016



The third annual Miss Syracuse Triple Crown pageant was held last weekend at the Mohegan Manor up in Baldwinsville, NY. The eligibility expanded this year to provide opportunity for more girls across the state to compete. All titleholders will be expected to attend a set minimum of events in the greater Syracuse region, as well as their hometowns.

Contestants competed in the standard phases of competition private interview, talent swimsuit, evening gown, and on-stage question, like always. But, exclusive to the Miss Syracuse Pageant and unseen at other pageants, the contestants participated in a “Show Them Your Shoes” walking-parade during the Opening Number, and invited visiting royalty to participate. Contestants were able to decorate a pair of shoes to represent their personality, and walked through the isles.

Contestants made their way from across the state to compete for the three titles. Contestants included a good balance of former titleholders, veteran competitors, and even a few first timers. The judges were entertained with dancers, vocalists, twirling, and even a few monologues.

Check back at the predictions from last week- 4/5 of the Top 5 and a double NF award winner isn’t bad considering one of the contestants entered after the predictions were cast!





Miss Erie Canal: Jessica Brosofsky | Miss Salt City: Meghan Cahill | Miss Syracuse: Meghan Sinisi

Congratulations and Welcome to the Miss New York Class of 2016!




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